Tag Time Description
#ClevelandHour 10am to 11am For businesses in Cleveland
#ConnectFriday 10am to 11am General networking event
#JobHour 10am to 11am Community for employers & job seekers to fill or find vacancies.
#LondonHour 11am to 12pm Networking for Old London Town
#UKBizLunch 12pm to 1pm Tweeting while you’re eating! A great way to be productive through lunch
#EcoHour 12pm to 1pm Facilitating the exchange of Eco friendly ideas from around the world
#PartyBizHour 1pm to 2pm Networking Event for the Party & Fancy Dress Industry
#BizHour 2pm to 3pm Daily general networking event for all types of businesses.
#B2BHour 3pm to 4pm Another general networking event. Chance to shout out your business.
#FollowHour 3pm to 4pm Looking for more followers? Monday to Friday from 3pm to 4pm
#GBHour 4pm to 5pm Get involved with some Great British Networking.
#RetailHour 8pm to 9pm A Networking Event for Retailers. A Place to SHOUT about your Retail Business and Connect with other Retailers
#NorfolkHour 8:30pm to 9:30pm Tweeting all things in and around Norfolk
#NorthWestHour 9pm to 10pm Another chance for the Northwest to promote their businesses.