5 Resolutions For Your Digital In 2016

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January has hit us all bleakly in the face, after a full month of partying, excess and indulgence. One of Google’s most popular searches so far this month has been ‘how to cook Kale chips’, which got us thinking: If people are using the digital to research their own resolutions, then who out there are making resolutions about their digital?

Business owners need to be at the top of their game in all areas of marketing. It’s hard to keep afoot on the ever-shifting face of digital, so here are 5 resolutions that we think companies of all shapes and sizes need to make:


Make a better experience for mobile users

We reached tipping point two years ago and whether businesses are ready for it or not, more consumers browse the internet on a mobile device now than they do on a desktop. Mobile-friendly (responsive) solutions are a must, but businesses should also think about the needs of the mobile user, versus a traditional setup. For example, using concise search tools, to-the-point copy and of course, effortless usability.

Have a solid social media strategy

Businesses face many issues with their social media strategy. Everything from choosing the wrong platforms, to not knowing exactly what they wish to achieve, to becoming overwhelmed by the vastness of it all. In the first instance, all businesses should KISS (keep it simple, stupid) and then seek advice from a digital marketing expert. They help businesses to identify goals, define audiences and deliver content to engage the right people, regardless of the industry.



To gather a good database of email addresses

In a legal and productive manner, no less! A potential client’s email address should be treasured like a family pet. Care for it well and it and its owner will trust you, becoming more likely to come back to you time after time. Taking time to produce an excellent piece of content (an ebook, guide, podcast) and give it away for free in return for an email address is standard practice these days, which leads us on to….

Produce engaging content for old and new customers

We cannot think of a single industry that does not benefit from high-quality content for its audience. A company that is able to inform and/or entertain their audience successfully are guaranteed to earn the corn. It can be difficult for a task force to find the time to create content and strategize. A content marketing expert will be able to advise on themes, topics and mediums for distribution of material.

Startup Stock Photos

Startup Stock Photos

To view digital as an integral part of marketing

We are well past the days when a website was a ‘nice thing to have’. Coupled with a solid social presence and good content, a company website is now expected to serve the mobile masses, as well as inform, educate, entice and convert clients. Phew! Digital is a huge part of marketing as a whole and it should not be treated as a side project. Call or email us today and we’ll make 2016 the year of (maintained) digital resolutions!

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