Going Live: The Rising Trend of Online Video

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Until recently, social media has always settled as being the second screen in our lives. Major players in the digital market have now set about changing this, with enormous impact.

If you’ve been on Facebook recently and noticed a tab pop up to tell you that someone is ‘live’ (most probably Mark Zuckerberg, whose Jedi senses know no boundaries), it means that they are currently streaming video from somewhere in the world, and you’re invited to go and watch them. Media sites, such as The Debrief have jumped on the bandwagon, using Live Streaming to report on active stories, such as the recent NHS protests outside St Thomas Hospital.

Twitter’s Periscope app has been used by some companies for a while now. A famous sell-at-home makeup brand actively uses Periscope to train and mentor its sales force. Celebrities also enjoy making live video to entertain the masses – Arnold Schwarzenegger and Michelle Obama are both noted for their Periscope popularity.

It’s not just businesses that have been using live social streaming. As a tool that’s free and open to the public, all you need is strong signal or Wifi (here’s some best practice tips from Facebook). Like the rise of YouTube star Zoella, individuals are carving their niches in the streaming world.

So how could live streaming work for you and your business? Perhaps a demo might help to explain the benefits of your product? The live messaging that accompanies a stream is a great way to instantly engage with an audience. Maybe a stream from a (quiet) corner of a popular event, or interesting location could pique interest? For strategic help with incorporating video into your digital strategy, get in touch with us today.

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