Visitors In Real Time

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Visitors in Real Time can give you an overview of viewing your website as and when they visit. At the top, it gives an overview of what has happened in the last 24 hours and the last 30 minutes.



This is useful to give you an immediate snapshot of the state of traffic for your website.

The information below this goes into more detail about each visit individually. Each comes with quite a lot of information.



The top section gives information about:

The information below this shows how the user came to the website originally. Generally this will come up with one of four values

You will then see how the user has travelled around the website.



The colours do not mean anything but serve to make it easier on the eye! By hovering over the individual pages (file1), you will see a tool-tip detailing what page the user visited, when and for how long.



Clicking the pages will take you to the page that the user visited.

You can tell who has left your website with the link symbol. The tool-tip will detail the location of where the user went.

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