Is My Business Too Boring For Social?

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If you’re reading this, it’s fairly certain that you are concerned about how your business will perform on social media. The reasons why your plans for social media might be stalling or falling flat, are most likely because you’re looking at the wrong channels for what you wish to achieve.

Would Kim Kardashian rock a corporate LinkedIn account?

Would a DIY company post picture after picture of nuts and bolts to Instagram?

The answer to both is definitely not, although Kim and a rather famous DIY company do great jobs of using social to their advantage in the right ways.

It’s time to take some time out and have a real think about your social strategy, and ensure that consumers are able see the most wonderful, appealing aspects of your products and your service. Afterall, behind every great business (regardless of industry), there’s passion, drive and consumers waiting to be captivated!

Have a look at competitors large and small, to learn and improve upon their best techniques. B&Q are very active on Twitter, answering questions and interacting with DIY enthusiasts. The audience is engaged and entertained, yet there isn’t a direct sales message in sight.

Are you seasonal? Do you appeal to a certain age group, gender or geography? All of these things when considered through the eyes of the consumer, will steer your social and stop your business from floundering online. Grab a calendar and mark down key dates that are important to your business and your customers; use them as a framework to create strong messages.

Get to know all of the main social media platforms out there and give them an honest critique. Are they suitable for you? It’s perfectly ok to find that your business is better suited to some platforms, rather than others. Channels you might consider using include:

Twitter Short and punchy messages, micro-networking
Facebook Targeted and detailed, loyal fanbase
Instagram Highly visual, images do the talking
YouTube Tutorials, interviews, well-produced video
Pinterest Visualising bookmarks, virtual scrapbooking
LinkedIn Corporate Networking, industry leadership

It’s no longer a straightforward case of hitting ‘publish’ and hoping for the best. Paid promotion, scheduling and editorial compliance all form a big part of social success. If you want to know more about professional support for planning your social media, please drop us an email today.

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