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The list below should assist in helping you find out what each function in the page or post editor does. Your theme may have come with additional functions which you will be told about, however these buttons are common to all installations.

bold Bold Emboldens the selected text
italic Italic Italicises the selected text
strikethrough Strikethrough Puts a line through the selected text
bulletted-list Bulleted List Creates a bulleted list. If the items selected are on separate lines, each will be bulleted.
numbered-list Numbered List Creates a numbered list. If the items selected are on separate lines, each will be numbered in the correct order.
blockquote Blockquote Treats the selected text as a quotation.
align-left Left Align Aligns the text to the left.
align-center Center Align Aligns the text in the center.
align-right Right Align Aligns the text to the right
link Link Creates a link to another web page. When this is clicked you will be presented with a dialog
unlink Unlink Removes a link.
more More When inserted, this determines how much of a summary will be displayed when viewing multiple posts. This is usually only applicable to posts.
check-spelling  Check Spelling  Checks the spelling. The dropdown to the right of this button can select a different language if you require.
fullscreeneditor  Fullscreen  Puts the editor into fullscreen mode, which removes any distractions such as the menus. Simply displays an area in which the text is to be displayed as well as some simple formatting buttons.
kitchensink  Kitchen Sink  This toggles whether to display more or less of the available formatting buttons.
underline  Underline  Underlines the selected text.
align-full  Full Align  Aligns the text fully. This is similar to justifying the text and is only available with certain fonts.
font-colour  Font Colour  Changes the colour of the selected text. The dropdown to the right displays a palette where you can select a particular colour. When this is displayed, “More Colours” will enable you to specify the colour you need by entering a hex value.
paste-as-plain-text  Paste as Plain Text  Displays a window into which you can paste text into. When you click insert, it will then paste this into the editor without any formatting.
paste-from-word  Paste from Word If you need to paste something which has been copied from Word, it’s best to use this button as it will remove any unnecessary (and often hidden) data that comes along with the text. This button opens up a dialog box which you can paste the content into and when insert is clicked, this will enter this into the editor safely.
remove-formatting  Remove Formatting  If the selected text has any formatting, this will remove it.
insert-character  Insert Character  Inserts uncommon characters into the editor such as © or √.
outdent  Outdent  If the text has been previously indented, this will move it back once.
indent  Indent  Indents text
undo  Undo  Undoes the last action
redo  Redo  Redoes a previous undone action
help  Help  Displays help on using the editor.



It is possible to style the selected text in a number of preset styles. These are listed when the dropdown box is selected. Your particular WordPress theme may come with additional styles but the basic styles are:

These styles will vary dependent on how your theme has been styled but with regards to the headings each heading should get increasingly smaller as the number increases so Heading 1 is the largest whereas Heading 6 is the smallest.

Other Formatting

If you find you need to format something in a particular way, then it may be that we need to look at installing something specific for your needs. Please contact me if this is the case and I can advise on how you can do this the existing functions or whether we need to create some additional functionality.

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