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Featured Images are images that perform a special function on the post that is being displayed. They can be used to be displayed in specific areas. The image at the top of this page is a featured image and the theme is created so that this featured image is used to be displayed in that specific area with that specific size.

The way to set or change the featured image is similar to how you would add images into the body of text within a post. On the “Edit Post” page, you will see a box where you can specify the image you wish to use. Just click the “Set featured image” link.


You will then be presented with a dialog box allowing you to select an image you wish to use.


You can now select an image from the Media Library or upload one from your own computer. You can switch between the two methods using the links “Upload Files” and “Media Library” at the top of the dialog box.



Selecting a Featured Image from the Media Library

If your image is in the Media Library, you can simply select that image which will result in that image being “checked”.


Uploading a Featured Image

Uploading a file can be down in two ways; by either dragging the image into the area specified or clicking the “Select Files” button.


By using the “Select Files” button, you will be presented with a dialog box allowing you to navigate through your system and select the desired image.


Once you have found it, just click “Open” or “OK” and the image will be uploaded.

Amending the Image Properties

Once you have selected or uploaded your image, you will see details of that image in the right hand side, including dimensions and size. There a number of other fields that can be completed which may be used within your theme.



The title is often used to display a small popup when the mouse is over the image.


If your theme supports it, the caption can be used to attribute some text to be displayed next to the image.

Alt Text

Alt (Alternative) Text is displayed if the image itself cannot be downloaded for any reason such as internet connectively or the file simply does not exist.


This field can provide a detailed description of what the image is displaying. This is dependent on whether your theme supports displaying this.

Once you are happy with all your edits, you can click the “Set Featured Image” button.


You will then be taken back to you post where the image you have selected is indicated.


You can now view or preview your post to check that your displayed image has been incorporated into your post.

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