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After you have created or edited a post, there are number of options you have with regards to what you do with the post when you have finished.


Previewing The Post

If you are working on a post or page, you may wish to see what it looks like on the website without actually publishing it or even saving it as a draft. You can do this simply by clicking “Preview” which will make the page appear in a new tab in your browser so you can see how it looks so far.

Saving A Draft

If you are working on a post or page and you want to save your changes without publishing it to the web, you can save the post as a draft which will enable you to come back to the post at a later time.

Making It Live

Once you’re happy with your content and want to make it ready for the world to see, you can simply publish the post or page which will make it accessible on the website.

Before publishing, you can alter the date which is associated with the post. The default is to publish it immediately which will give the post the current date and time. Setting a time in the past will simply just change the date and time to a historical time and publish it immediately. If you were to set a time in the future, the post will remain unpublished until that time has passed.

Deleting Posts

If you want to get rid of a post you are currently working on, you can use the “Move To Trash” link. This just changes the status of the post to deleted so it is currently still in the system should you decide later that you made a mistake in deleting it and want the post back.

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